Our Team

Our highly motivated team will do everything to make you happy.


Designers will make the content visually inspiring

Tech team

Tech team will make sure to get things done and solve every potential problems.


Marketing team will give their best so your products will get massive installs across the world on Windows and macOS.

Development - Building your relations with the user starts with acquisition, it can't be intrusive or aggressive. That's why we are showing your offer only when the user is already in the process of software installation. Our anti-fraud system makes sure you are paying only for real installations initialized by real people. Multi-level filters are combining automated and manual checkings, leaving no chance to bots. Depending on your content we can implement our downloader, installer or landing pages. Doesn't matter what kind of traffic you want to monetize — we've got you covered

Marketing - With the highest customer retention on the market we believe that advertisers need loyal users, not just installs. Our marketing team will arrange everything, solve everything and definitely make your campaigns and products visible to the whole world.

Design - Download and installation may be a user's first experience interacting with an application, and the process reflects upon the software's brand. Install Grizzly design team works to make sure that the user's visual experience remains positive, regardless of the operating system or device.